A girl’s guide to getting us off (Guest Post)

Hope you all enjoy this guest post by the sexy Infamous Jen – Jeff

Thanks Jeff! Loving the new site, of course I may be a bit biased since I designed and built it. hehe

So it seems that many guys say¬†it takes far too long to get us girls off. Now that may be true for some girls…we are each unique of course. But there are a few sure fire ways to get most girls off and fairly quickly if you do it just right.

First, guys I can’t emphasize this one enough…FOREPLAY! Seriously, I’ve found that over 75% of guys have no real clue as to what foreplay is! They just want to get straight to naked, straight to fucking. There’s no “sexy” or “sensual” in that. Girls are sensual creatures, we need foreplay, that’s what gets us going. A little bit of true foreplay will get us going faster than anything else.

What is foreplay…take our clothes off slowly, savoring our bodies as they are revealed…explore our bodies with your hands, your mouth…soft light teasing touches to start. Kiss us like you mean it, I can’t tell you how many guys forget that kissing is even a thing once the clothes are off. Tell us how sexy you find our bodies…girls are self conscious, so let us hear how sexy you find those things about our bodies that we probably consider flaws.

Second, there’s this little thing just above that heavenly hole you are so anxious to get into, called a clitoris. Play with it, tease it, lick it, suck it, circle your finger around it…just for god’s sake don’t IGNORE IT! We have more feeling in that little nub of flesh than we do in all of our vagina…so use it.

Now, many will tell you that the g-spot is a myth…it’s really not…it exists. And it can be miraculous for a woman if you can find it. But let her guide you to it if she knows where it’s at, because it’s not necessarily fun to have some guy who has no clue¬†blundering around trying to find it. And if she doesn’t know where it is, take the time to find it…I mean, spend a long sensual evening finding it, don’t blunder around like a clueless bull in a china shop. Once you know where it’s at, it’s easy to find again…I swear.

And finally, please for the love of god, if we are struggling to get off, have some damned patience. What you as a man can’t understand, is that us girls have a harder time turning our brains off. That’s where that foreplay comes in, it gets our mind off of all those things we worry about…I mean seriously who can think clearly when a hot guy slowly undresses you and explores your body like it’s the first time they’ve seen one? That’s a rhetorical question, NO ONE CAN!

So go, practice what you’ve been taught…give those girls some sensual foreplay and they’ll do whatever you want them too…well within reason!

– Kisses from The Infamous Jen