Hello my friends, just a little bit about me and about who I am.


I am Jeff James. I was born and raised with a heightened sense of sexuality and open opinions of humanity. I have been active in the swingers lifestyle community for decades. I am an ex-porn star, with over 150 movies and just as many magazine layouts.


I have extensive experience in the sexual arts and public speaking. For the last 10 years, I have been a guest speaker in many Human Sexuality classes at the university level for multiple Southern California colleges. I also teach sexuality classes at Club FA swingers lifestyle club.


I have had many appearances on TV and radio including Playboy TV and Playboy Radio. I have had the pleasure o Body Painting all over the world, from Berlin to Hawaii. I often body paint at swinger lifestyle clubs and events, nudist resorts and more. Traveling and body painting around the world has been amazing.


I have been very happy to have a close relationship with MAC Cosmetics. I use their products all the time. MAC has amazing and beautiful makeup colors that enhance what I do as a bodypainter. I feel privileged that MAC Cosmetics has been so supportive of what I do.


I have a reality TV pilot show and many other videos of the fun I have bodypainting for you to watch here on my site and on YouTube. If you love what you see, then contact your favorite network to pick up the show! If you’re a network that would like to pick up the show, feel free to contact me and let’s talk.


Want to have me out to your next event and you see why I am called a world class body painter? Then click the contact and send me a message. I can add that special something to your event that will make it stand out!

Jeff James

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What others are saying about Jeff:


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when Jeff came out to speak, but the stuff he provides is really informative. I learned things that I had questions about, I learned things I had never heard of and I didn’t come away feeling sleazy or pervy but enlightened and empowered. Jeff’s straightforward and engaging attitude makes him an instructor that won’t be forgotten.”


Jeff is supported by MAC Cosmetics