Couples Cruising!

OK, Well this was about the most fun any one person could ever have on a cruise ship. Hell we could have never made port anywhere and we would have all had a great time! I know the cruise lines make money on the excursions people take at the ports of call. I get that. But I will tell you, we don’t need them. Just park the damn boat off the coast and lets party! The boat has everything you could ever possibly want to do on it. But, if you do decided to go ashore, do it through the ships people. We have left people at a port of call before. If you get lost or missing and the cruise line does not know where you are, we are gone and your on your own to get home. End of great time.

Now, as far as the ship, OMG! This was so awesome, I do wish we could have sex on deck, but that’s just a dream, I know. Other then that, the food was great, the rooms where great and the people where HOT! I painted like a mad man. I painted some many people, everyone knew my work. Even with Four other painters on the same cruise, I painted 7 time more then they did COMBINED! That’s because, above all else, this is my job, my work, and you are my clients. I will make you all happy if I can. Hell, the best night for all of us was the Mardi Gras theme night. I was painting all night and literally on my knees and exhausted when I left my station, 12 HOURS LATER! By the way, thank you all for waiting for me in line so patiently, I love you all for that.

The Topless Travel crew where on their game again! It went like clockwork for the guests of Topless Travel. From the awesome meet and greet at the Marriott, to the loading of hundreds of couples to the ship, which I helped with gladly. To the cruise and booking for another trip. From the flawless efforts and the great thinking to have busses waiting for the clients at port instead of the clients waiting for the busses, to the easy getting on and leaving such a great trip. Bravo guys, nice job!

So if anyone has any vacation time to spend, do it with Topless Travel and get on one of the lifestyle cruises that are left on the calendar. These trips book up fast and they are about the best swingers vacation you can have on a boat!

As for the ports of call, well, Haiti was great, private beach and all, zip lining was the bomb. Jamaica was a great port with a tourist area and not even having to leave the pier. And then Cozumel Mexico, I heard the beach excursion was the best to take. I loved it. But to tell the truth, I could have stayed on the boat and had just as great a time. You decide and I will see you topside by the main pool for your body painting. Pack light, I have your outfits in my paint box… LOL!

Where to go: Topless Travels Couples Cruises…. Any of them!

Things to do: Wear sunscreen and get naked on deck!

Songs to listen to: “Bend it like you don’t care” by Tiesto

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