Hedonism 2

Well, where to start! This place is the best freakn place to have fun ever! I know the history of the resort and its demise into swinger history… but its back and back with a ROAR! OMG! This place is a whole new Hedo! The new owners are really into the resort and making it the best they can. Now, its still a bit of a bus trip to and from Hedo, but it is soooo worth it! From the great people who run it ad man the many aspects of the heaven on earth, to the great people who get you there, like the people at Topless Travel! The crew was awesome and had their stuff together. Now some things, the resort still has to address in my book. Like over booking.. and making the nude side, THE NUDE SIDE. Holly crap people, really, wearing clothes on the nude side. As I like to say, “Sandals is just down the beach!”
Now, as far as the resort itself, WOW the food was out of this world and the service was nothing short of a four star corporate hotel, But this one is fun! The entertainment was so freakn good I thought I was at a Vegas show. The pool was cleaned every day, I had hot water in my shower and the drinks where everywhere. The nude side, as usual was the best side to be on. That’s where I painted naked bodies. Oh ya! Right next to the best grill in Negril! The rain could not even put a damper on my smile. As the rain came down for a few minutes, I cooled off and thought of all you poor people not with me on the beach at that time. OMG if you ever get a thought about going anywhere at anytime to have a great vacation and do it in the nude with great friends, THIS IS THE PLACE!
I have had promise after promise to get me there, and if wasn’t for Joe at Topless Travel, that dream could not have ever been a reality! See Joe if you want to go!

As for the new owners, I love them, awesome down to earth friendly and ready to make changes for the best! All I can say about this place is, Go for the Hedo Body Painting Contest, and go to have fun, just go! See you in Hedo! Yes, that’s right. The great entertainment staff wants to do a “Miss Hedo Body Painting Contest” and I say lets do it!
The rooms, all of them are being renovated and put into the best shape ever. From flat screen TVs with porn all the time, to great house keeping, clean towels and sheets to spare. The Grounds where right out of any ones tropical fantasies. Beautiful, colorful and pleasant to just go for a walk, which I did every day before breakfast. From tennis courts to s squash court. From large chess sets to pool tables and play rooms. What more could you ask for. This is in my book, “A Swingers Paradise” Now you need to check with Topless Travel to find out when the best takeover days are. They are and always will be a hotel. And in being just that, they fill up as fast as they can with anyone who wants to be there. From Fetish groups , Nudists, or just European vacationers. So if you want Swingers, talk to Joe! See you at HEDO!
Where to go: Hedonism 2 in Negril, Jamaica
Things to do: Play at Hedo!
Songs to listen to: “Aint a party without me” David Guetta remix

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