This was a time to remember, in more ways then one. Wow! The vanillas and breeders didn’t even know the guys where coming… LOL! I did.. I am not gay but OMG can these guys and girls party!
Over the Labor Day weekend, this celebration of being equal and one love should be realized around the world. What a weekend. I painted at Ritas Tequila House on Bourbon as usual. We all thought it would be calm and the party would be down at the gay side… nope! It was on. I had a blast and the guys I painted.. no I did not paint their units.. illegal on Bourbon and I would not have done it any way, they got painted up in all kinds of ways. The rainbow flag being the most popular design of course. Their was two guy in particular who got painted up with the flag design on Friday afternoon and on Sunday night, they where still wearing it. They had a few touch ups here and there, but three days! Man I love my paint! They did too!
I met up with one of my good friends and he brought four of his friends down to Ritas to get painted as well. They loved it! One had the English flag with rainbow colors at the bottom, another had the full rainbow flag, one had a Swiss flag with running rainbow colors and the last, his initials with the colors and all with a ton of glitter! So cool! I was able to stay with some friends in uptown. They let me bunk on their futon in the front room. What a great part of Nawlins, uptown has got to be seen to be believed. The houses, the gardens, the beauty can’t be missed in your life time, a must see. I made some of my best designs, had a great time with friends and loved the festivities.
If you ever get the chance to be down in the New Orleans area for the labor day weekend, go, you would think it was a hot version of Mardi Gras. As I painted the guys and girls with their flag designs, a straight guy came up to me and asked, “What’s with all the gays, there is more then usual?” I almost hit him, then I just laughed and said, “What, you don’t know it is Southern Decadence?” He looked at me as if I was crazy.. LOL His loss, I would hate to go through life being that shallow, I know some can’t help it but it is 2013! Wake up!
For my vanilla friends who let me stay with them so nice and easy. I am sorry for any inconveniences I placed on you by being in your home, but take some advice…. Go to bed at a decent hour will ya! Bar people…. LOL. Now for my final word on this, for those of you, straight and gay who made this a great weekend, thank you! Your amazing people and I will party with you any time!
Things to do: Go to a gay party if you are straight, its good for your perspective, and they will let you don’t worry.

Places to go: New Orleans Uptown and Garden District, so nice!
Song to listen to: DJ Shadow – “Organ Donor Live” so spooky, and I heard it in N.O. first!

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