Ok so, oral sex, most of us are familiar with, usually starts off with her going down on him, then a transition from him getting it, to going down on her. She slowly gets out of her clothes and he goes down on her. As he is giving her pleasure and waiting for that hard to get, female orgasm, then after she comes hard on him and squirts in his mouth. He cleans her up, she goes down on him to finish him off. She gets him close, jerks him hard, puts her face by his tip and as he gives her the verbal world wide indication of a pending orgasm, (The deep base grunt and OMG) he starts to come by shooting his load, AND THEN she gets the horrible look on her face, aims him away from herself, says ”Oooooow yuck!” and he comes on her thigh … WTF!
Really? Really? Although you ladies may never think of us guys as being sensitive or self aware, we are! And by showing me and telling me every time I cum, that it’s the worst thing in your life, is NOT reinforcing good positive feelings inside of me that sex and cumming is a positive thing. We are simple creatures with simple needs (men) and to feel good about sex is one of the most important to us! How would you feel, as a women, if when you came for me, I turned your ass away from me screamed “Ooooww yuck!” and had you cum on your own. Feel sexy now? Well do ya? I know I don’t! Just for once think of how your man might feel. We are listening to you and we know how you feel.. not cool!
I get it that its messy, SEX is messy, from either of us. Now let me get this straight, you want me to lick your pussy, the thing all sorts of stuff comes out of that we do know about, and the way some of you don’t clean all the way, smell it, you want me to put my tongue a half an inch from your ass hole, how you wiped well enough, lick it with energy and enthusiasm, tell you how sexy you are and let you ooze your fluids into my mouth, and you won’t take my cum on you face!!!!! WTF! Now don’t get me wrong, I love oral sex with women, yes I do, to me, there is nothing any more satisfying then to have you cum on my face, body, penis, whatever! I love the feel, taste, and smell of a CLEAN vagina, but you won’t do the same for me….. you should think about how you react, what you might look like and change the way you play.
Here is how! Lie to us, yes lie! Tell us how hot it is to watch cum shoot on your hand. Tell me how hot is makes you feel when I cum on your leg. Don’t make me feel like a second rate partner by having you restrict me to your rolled eyes and a shot on your ass. Really, I can see you doing that, Not sexy! No! Not at all. And you wonder why we don’t call you in the morning… duh! You know why we like watching porn? Because the girls in the videos look like they are loving and eating up every second and drop of a mans cum. THAT’S what WE want! Some one to savor us as we savor them. Get it!
So ladies and gentlemen, if you want your partner to like what you’re doing and want to do it again. I would start at your reaction to their orgasm. Like I have said many times before, “The trick to getting people to fuck you TWICE is to make them feel great about themselves the FIRST time!”
Thing to do: Try to make your partner feel good and their bodily fluids.
Places to go: Local hotel for the night, make it trashy.
Song of the day: Blackmill – The Drift

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